Terms & Conditions

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  • The photos in antonellos.gr can only be used for personal use. their commercial use, without the author’s permission. Photos can be used on social networks (facebook, twiter, google +, etc.) provided that it remains the author’s logo (left or right bottom corner). For the photos, as well as other spiritual works of speech, art or science, are copyrighted (copyright).
    These rights in Greece are regulated by Law 2121/93.
  • The photographer, based on the aforementioned law acquires the pictures of all the rights to their creation, without requiring any further formality and irrespective of the value of each photo.
    Intellectual property rights consist of the «property» and the «moral right» intellectual property. The ‘holding of rights’ is a power of the economic right and the «paternity» of each photo is a power of moral rights. Based on these rights the photographer can allow or forbid the use of his work, to determine the conditions of exploitation and bear his name as author of photography.
    The photos are protected as independent works and in order to make legitimate their exploitation by third parties, should the creator photographer assigned respective right ( «license») for each specific use of his work or has transferred the property right of the project .
  • The license (using photography) assigned only by the photographer generator, since the use of the photos is part of the copyright of the photographer (namely the property right). In plain language this means that the photographer, either as a freelancer or as an employee, not «sell» photos, but «transfer» of the property right to these ep` or «assign» certain powers of the property right (because the moral right is transferable) fee agreed.
  • Any use of image (copy, reproduction, etc.) without permission from the author is illegal and the penalties of the law, criminal and civil, are very strict.
  • It is also prohibited any falsification, alteration or use photo prints without the consent of the author.
  • The name of the photographer in every use photo (moral right) is mandatory and independent of any other terms of the license.